We put dedication and high tech into each and every medical device we manufacture for you

Ideally located, we are at the heart of the medical technology cluster between the German cities of Tübingen and Tuttlingen

Your certified supplier in accordance with EN ISO 13485

Your contract manufacturer for medical equipment

From product idea to market success

Ideas are the driving force of medical progress. As an innovation partner for medical equipment manufacturers, we help transform your ideas into market-ready products. In doing so, we never stop learning – each and every day. Place your trust in our expertise

  • for implants, surgical instruments, and orthopaedic components¬­
  • as your supplier for prototyping and series production
  • with DIN EN ISO 13485 certification for medical devices
  • reliant on digital processes for seamless documentation
  • thanks to our modern ERP system with operating and machine data logging and digital test plans

We would be happy to produce your medical device, from prototype to series production – just tell us about your idea.  

HAILTEC Geschäftsführer Alexander Renz begutachtet ein filigranes Metallbauteil
Stent aus Metall


We cut an extremely broad array of implants for you using the ultrashort pulse laser or micro-waterjet procedure.



Zwei unterschiedliche Knochenplatten


Benefit from our extensive know-how in precision forming technology for your precision-engineered components, such as shaped springs, etc.

Knochensägen aus chirurgischem Edelstahl


We are your manufacturer of bone saws and other instruments for human medicine made of titanium or surgical stainless steel


In the German state of Baden-Württemberg and the DACH region of German-speaking countries, we rely on exchange and cooperation in medical technology networks.

Logo MedicalMountains

Medical Mountains, headquartered in Tuttlingen, Germany, networks and supports all players in the medical technology industry.

Logo NeZuMed Netzwerk für Innovative Zulieferer in der Medizintechnik

NeZuMed strengthens the collaboration between manufacturers and innovative suppliers in medical technology.k


Certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485

ISO standard 13485 lays out the requirements for quality management systems for medical device manufacturers and their suppliers. The focal points are consistent product quality, control of all relevant processes, documentation, and traceability.

HAILTEC is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 and relies on seamlessly digitalised processes through the use of a modern ERP system. This means the following benefits for you:

  • your work documenting medical devices decreases and
  • you receive products that are of consistently high quality, traceable, and provided with a material testing certificate.

Here you can download the complete certificate. 

TÜV-Zertifikat von TÜV Austria, Aufschrift: „Zertifiziert EN ISO 13485 Zertifikat Nr. 20105193006529“

“At HAILTEC, the technical know-how that sets apart our products on the market inspires us again and again.“

HAILTEC services


In order to ensure your series production launches smoothly, we utilise state-of-the-art documentation and production systems.

Benefit from short routes: with HAILTEC, you have a single supplier at your side from toolmaking to samples and series production

Cost-effectively procure more: broad production spectrum and suitable technology for any batch size.

Trace products: with test certificates, digital test plans as well as operating and machine data collection.

Reliable delivery:thanks to quality management with lean processes and a zero-error philosophy.

Medizinische Implantate: Knochenplatten mit Schrauben
Mit Ultrakurzpluslaser gefertigte Pinzette mit Black Marking, Bildquelle: TRUMPF Gruppe


Whether implants or surgical utensils: with state-of-the-art USP laser technology, your medical devices are produced accurately down to the µm, with no exertion of process forces or heat influence.

Fine USP laser cutting: the laser enables cut edge roughness of up to Ra 0.2 µm and the tiny web widths.

USP laser ablation / microstructuring: extremely fine 3D shapes or cavities as well as advanced materials such as ceramics, glass, and carbide. 

Black marking: deep-black and corrosion-free marking of medical components that is consistent from all viewing angles, unique UDI code 



Ob Implantat oder OP-Besteck: Mit der neuesten UKP-Lasertechnologie entstehen Ihre Medizinprodukte µm-genau, ohne Prozesskräfte oder Wärmeeintrag

UKP-Laserfeinschneiden: Der Laser ermöglicht Schnittkanten-Rauheiten bis Ra 0,2 µm sowie kleinste Stegbreiten

UKP-Laserabtragen / Mikrostrukturieren: Feinste 3D Formen oder Kavitäten, auch aus Advanced Materials wie Keramik, Glas und Hartmetall 

Black Marking: Blickwinkelstabile, tiefschwarze und korrosionsfreie Beschriftung medizinischer Komponenten 


Mit Ultrakurzpluslaser gefertigte Pinzette mit Black Marking, Bildquelle: TRUMPF Gruppe


From feasibility analyses to prototypes: with lean processes, we rise to your medical-device challenges on time and with great quality

In-house toolmaking: thanks to in-house design and extensive know-how, your samples are created quickly and reliably

Material variety: our extensive stocks of medical stainless steels accelerate your processes.

Production depth and breadth: for you, we combine all available technologies all the way to surface finishing.

Gläsernes Handskelett mit Knochenplatte / bone plate aus Metall

HAILTEC Technologies

Streichholzkopf neben mit Ultrakurzpulslaser geschnittenem, filigranem Bauteil

USP laser machining

Cutting or ablation of µm-precise 3D forms without the influence of heat, with surface qualities up to Ra 0.1 µm.
Laserfeinschneiden von Medizin-Bauteil

Fine laser cutting

Filigree cutting with extremely fine contours, web widths, and tolerances of up to ±0.01 mm.


Mikrowasserstrahl auf Metallbauteil

Micro-waterjet cutting

Biocompatible, highly accurate procedure with 4,000-bar water pressure and without structural change.

Präzisions-Umformteil neben Münze demonstriert wie klein die Mikrobauteile sind

Precision forming technology

Forming of extremely small microcomponents with embossing, chamfers, beads, or free-form surfaces.


Metallbauteil mit glänzender Oberfläche nach Elektropolieren

Surface finish

Broad spectrum of surface treatments, such as electropolishing, ultrasonic cleaning, or mass finishing technology.

5-Achs Oberflächenmessgerät von Alicona

Nano-precision measuring technology

Measure surfaces, roughness, and 3D shapes down to the nanometre using Alicona measuring equipment.


From the incoming goods inspection to the final inspection, we have focused our operations on quality. Thanks to a modern ERP system, we offer you digital processes and seamless quality management. High-end production systems and measuring equipment enable us to manufacture your products in line with this high standard.

High-tech laboratory

The InfiniteFocus 5-axle surface measuring device from Alicona detects roughness and deviations in the micrometre and nanometre range. It conducts contactless measurements, documents measurement logs and digitises the 3D data of your material surfaces.

  • Specialised in filigree metal parts since 2004
  • Certified in accordance with
    DIN EN ISO 13485 and DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Digitised quality management
  • Process-accompanying documentation
Qualitätskontrolle mit Oberflächenmessgerät von Alicona im hauseigenen Labor von HAILTEC

Looking for a medical equipment supplier with ISO 13485 certification?

We will reliably take on the contract manufacturing of your prototypes, samples, and series runs, tapping on our wealth of experience and expertise.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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